Join the RA Monthly Donors Club (MDC) to partner with us and see exactly how your support is restoring homes and lives throughout the Roanoke region!

Renovation Alliance has completed over 1,200 critical home repairs for neighbors in need throughout our region. However, these repairs do more than just preserve a house. Studies have shown that critical home repairs improve the physical and mental health of homeowners as well as reduce crime in the community. By financially supporting Renovation Alliance with a monthly donation, you are investing deeply into lives throughout our community to build a healthier and safer future.

At the end of each month an email will go out to all members detailing the story of a project that was funded by the Monthly Donors Club. This will show you the specific projects and lives impacted through your partnership!


Monthly Donors Club Programs

All funds raised by our Monthly Donors Club will be utilized by three different programs. Critical repairs, accessibility ramps, and our emergency home repair program. You can learn more about each of those programs below.

Critical Repairs (50%) – This is our general fund that covers a broad range of projects. This includes work such as roof replacements, furnace/air conditioning repair, fixing plumbing issues, weatherization, accessibility modifications, and more.

Accessibility Ramps (25%) – A modular ramp is one of our most requested repairs. This program heavily utilizes volunteers to build ramps that allow safe entry and exit for homeowners with mobility issues.

Emergency Home Repairs (25%) –  In some situations, time is critical to prevent extensive damage or protect the safety of the occupants. For example, a broken furnace in the winter can very quickly become a health-safety issue. Our Emergency Home Repair(EHR) fund pays for urgent repairs up to $1,000 to help neighbors in dangerous situations as quickly as possible.