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Renovation Alliance, formerly known as Rebuilding Together Roanoke, has been providing renovation and repair services for 16 years. Our mission has always been to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes of low-income homeowners. We focus our services on the elderly, people living with a disability, veterans or surviving spouse, or people caring for a young child.

donateCTAAll of our work is made possible through donations from our generous sponsors and grants. As a 501c(3), we invest those funds in projects to improve the lives of our recipients.

In the past five years we have raised and invested $1,692,782.00 in projects that had an estimated market value of $11,352,050.00.

That is a R.O.I. of over 600%. Not bad indeed.Sponsors

From local contractors to high school students, our volunteers have installed, remodeled, repaired, washed and painted, sealed and insulated more than 750 homes since we began in 1998.

None of this however, could have been possible without the generosity of donors like you. Help us to continue our efforts to provide a safe and healthy home for every person in our community.

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