About this program:

The Belmont-Fallon Residential Façade Program provides matching funding for property owners to make exterior façade improvements through HUD block grant funding received by the City of Roanoke. Unlike Renovation Alliance’s other programs, eligibility is not restricted to low-income individuals. The City has identified the 600-1200 blocks of Jamison Ave SE as the eligible corridor for the program.

This program is now receiving applications from property owners located within the 600-1200 blocks of Jamison Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24013. Your property must be located on Jamison Ave SE and within the 600-1200 blocks to be eligible for a grant.

The grants will encourage investment in and improvement of real property, decrease vacancy, improve the vibrancy of the area, and serve as a valuable tool for revitalizing this section of the City. Buildings selected for this grant must be in need of façade renovations and structurally sound upon completion.

Façade grants will be available for qualifying residential projects from the City of Roanoke, Virginia, on a reimbursement basis for one half of eligible renovation costs, with a minimum reimbursement of $2,000 and a maximum reimbursement of $8,000.


To apply for this program:

Façade Grant Application

If you have additional questions about this program, you can email us at facade@renovateall.org.


Additional information about this program:

Examples of eligible expenses:

·       Architectural/Engineering services

·       Labor performed by a licensed contractor

·       Permitting fees

·       Siding repairs/painting/pointing/etc.

·       Masonry repairs

·       Windows

·       Storm windows

·       Doors and storm doors

·       Porches

·       Porch footers

·       Steps

·       Roofs

·       Gutters

·       Relocation of utility meters, connections

·       Lighting



Examples of ineligible expenses:

·       Labor performed by the property owner (NOTE: materials purchased by property owner may be eligible for reimbursement, but LABOR is not)

·       Financing or Loan Application Fees

·       Sidewalks

·       Landscape plantings

·       Fences

·       Driveways

·       Retaining walls

·       Decorative yard elements

·       Purchase, installation or repair of furniture

·       Repair work done to any part of the structure, interior or exterior, not specifically covered by these guidelines

·       Patio/porch/deck addition

·       Work contracted for, begun or completed prior to the approval of the application

·       Work done to any structure other than structures(s) identified in the application

Frequently asked questions:

  • This program is not open to the entire Belmont-Fallon Target Area. Only properties located on Jamison Ave SE (600-1200 blocks) are eligible to apply.
  • The applicant is responsible for hiring any contractors. Contractors must be licensed and proof of licensure will be required as part of the reimbursement process.
  • The applicant is responsible for securing all permits and inspections.
  • The minimum reimbursement amount is $2,000. Since you can only be reimbursed for half of project costs, this means that the minimum project cost is $4,000.
  • Only one grant will be given for any single building in a rolling 12-month period. No more than two façade grants will be given to an individual property owner or entity in a 12-month period. Individuals that have interest in multiple entities will only be eligible for two façade grants in a 12-month period on behalf of themselves and those entities.
  • Projects must be completed within 6 months of receiving approval.

Neighborhood Design District (NDD) Information:

Please note that all properties eligible for this program are located within a Neighborhood Design District. All applications for grants require a NDD Affidavit to be completed. For more information about NDD requirements, visit: www.roanokeva.gov/2093/Neighborhood-Design-District

For architectural related questions in the NDD, please contact Katharine Gray, Land Use and Urban Design Planner with the City of Roanoke, katharine.gray@roanokeva.gov or 540-853-1502.

Additional Program Documents:

     Façade Process Summary     Download Façade Grant Application (PDF)    Map of Eligible Area